A3H Gold Card - Save $100's on Hawaii Activities
Hi, Aloha, Yes, we purchased and enjoyed the discounts from the Shaka Club membership. We received great discounts on a Luau dinner, a snorkel sail trip, parasailing, and other fun activities. Being a Shaka Club member allowed us to experience more fun things in Maui then we would have done if we had not had the discounts. We think it is a wonderful membership and we thank you for making it available. We would definitely purchase it again before our next trip to Hawaii. We will look for the opening of your new web site and will be happy to post our testimony and photos there. Thanks again for providing a great discount card for travelers to Hawaii. Mahalo. Kevin Murphy & Family

Participating Activities

Air Maui Maui    upto $34.75 Toll Free: 877.238.4942
Telephone: 808-877-7005
Award Winning Temptation Tours Maui    upto $55.04
Award Winning Temptation Tours - Book Online
Toll Free: 800-817-1234
Telephone: 808-877-8888
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Big Island, Kauai, Maui, Oahu    upto $90.00
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters - Book Online
Toll Free: 800-745-2583
Telephone: 808-871-8844
Jack Harter Helicopters, Inc. Kauai    upto $40.00 Toll Free: 888-245-2001
Telephone: 808-245-3774
Makani Kai Helicopters Oahu    upto $51.45
Makani Kai Helicopters - Book Online
Toll Free: 877-255-8532
Telephone: 808-834-5813
Safari Helicopter Tours Kauai    upto $49.00
Safari Helicopter Tours - Book Online
Toll Free: 800-326-3356
Telephone: 808-246-0136