A3H Gold Card - Save $100's on Hawaii Activities
This Shaka Club Membership (used to be call the Gold Card) is a great resource I heard about on a Frommer?s podcast advertising their new book, ?Maui Day by Day? where the woman said the A3H card was a must-have! I bought it because I realized with just one excursion we wanted to go on for our anniversary trip it would more than pay for the card. We used it to book three different excursions. I was also able to obtain some half-price tickets on the first of the month for another excursion. The A3H card proved to be very valuable for the two islands we were visiting (Maui and Kauai) so our vacation dollars went further! Michael and Sheri California March 2007

Participating Activities

Hans Hedemann Surf Waikiki Oahu    upto $20.95
Hans Hedemann Surf  Waikiki  - Book Online
Telephone: 808-924-7778
Island Style Adventure Surf School Maui    upto $10.42
Island Style Adventure Surf School - Book Online
Telephone: 808-244-6858
Molokai Outdoors Molokai    upto $63.00
Molokai Outdoors - Book Online
Toll Free: 877-553-4477
Telephone: 1-858-227-4507