A3H Gold Card - Save $100's on Hawaii Activities
Our Shaka Club membership was by far the best value we found for our first trip to Hawaii. We used our membership while there and we took advantage of booking many of the 1/2 activities before we left. Our membership saved us hundreds of dollars. When we got home, never dreaming I would be back with-in a year, I threw my membership number in the trash. When we found out we would be going again within the 12 months of my original membership, I was so mad at myself for discarding my number. I called to order a new membership but instead was provided my still good membeship number. What great customer service. I will never go to Hawaii without being a Shaka Club member! Dorothy Rivett/Lincoln, NE

Participating Activities

Hula Girl Sailing Charters Maui    upto $12.48 Toll Free: 888 855-9977
Telephone: 808 665-0344
Smith's Luau and Fern Grotto Tours Kauai    upto $15.00
Smith's Luau and Fern Grotto Tours - Book Online
Telephone: 808-821-6895