A3H Gold Card - Save $100's on Hawaii Activities
We had a wonderful experience with the A3H Shaka Club Membership. At first I was really skeptical ? but everywhere we used it ? it worked and we saved a lot of money! We had a family of 9 there and the memership discounts allowed us to do activities that we wouldn?t have been able to afford. Thank you! We plan to go back in about a year and we will renew our membership. Debbie Ruse - Pleasant Grove, UT

Participating Activities

Oahu Ghost Tours Oahu    upto $29.00
Oahu Ghost Tours - Book Online
Toll Free: 877-597-7325
Telephone: 808-524-4944
Polynesian Adventure Tours Big Island, Kauai, Maui, Oahu    upto $46.77 Toll Free: 800-622-3011
Telephone: 800-622-3011