A3H Gold Card - Save $100's on Hawaii Activities
Just returned from our 8th visit to Hawaii. We were there from March 16th through the 25th. Of course, we had a wonder time and thanks to being a Shaka Club member we saved on several of our activities. We managed to fly with Sunshine Helicopters, sailed with Trilogy on the Kaanapali and the Lana'i trips and Kai Kanani to Molokini. We also used our membership discounts at the Maui Tropical Plantation. Being an A3H Shaka Club Member is great and Mahalo. Stephen & Helen Danay Milan, Illinois

Participating Activities

Blue Sea Cruises Big Island    upto $12.14
Blue Sea Cruises - Book Online
Toll Free: 855-465-8875
Telephone: 808-331-8875
Hawaii Oceanic Big Island    upto $164.06
Hawaii Oceanic - Book Online
Telephone: 808-896-1499
Sunlight on Water Big Island    upto $20.00
Sunlight on Water - Book Online
Telephone: 808/896-2480